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Corrugated board with starch coating from 100% recycled material

100 – 150 g/m²

JadeFlute® Pro

Corrugated board from 100% recycled material

120 – 140 g/m²

JadeLiner® Natur

Linerboard with brown top without glue and starch application from 100% recycled

100 – 130 g/m²

JadeLiner® III

Linerboard with brown and glued top from 100% recycled material

100 – 200 g/m²


Two-layer paper with a homogeneous brown kraftliner look.

120 – 280 g/m²

JadeWhite® Classic

Double layer linerboard with white top made of 100% recycled material

120 – 200 g/m²

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