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PKV improves sound insulation for neighbours

With a modernised soundproof wall, the PKV is helping to ensure that in future there will be less noise from the factory on directly adjacent plots.

Varel. The Papier- und Kartonfabrik Varel (PKV) is improving the sound insulation between its factory premises and the directly adjacent properties in Helgoländer Strasse, Nelkenstrasse and Dangaster Strasse. The previous noise protection wall is getting on in years, it will be replaced by a better one. In June 2019, the PKV had informed its neighbours about these plans. In the meantime the building permit has been issued and the PKV plans to start construction of the new wall at the end of January / beginning of February. The direct neighbours have already been informed about this.

Modern soundproofing materials give the wall much more impact than before. In consultation with the neighbours, it will be planted throughout, so that it will be fully covered with vegetation in the future.

The wall will have a height of seven metres, in some areas of the Nelkenstrasse of five metres (depending on the noise sources on the factory premises). It will be erected approximately in the middle of the former railway area. The green strip towards the direct neighbours will be maintained by PKV. It is not planned to build a footpath there. The access to this green strip will be provided with a gate towards Dangaster Straße to allow access for maintenance work.

The construction work will take about eight to ten weeks over the entire length of the wall (650 metres). Initially, the necessary preparatory grove work will begin towards the end of January. At the same time, pipes will be vibrated into the ground as foundations - they will not be rammed in order to reduce construction noise. Nevertheless, during the construction period there may of course be disturbing noises during the day. The PKV asks for your understanding in this regard.

Example photo: This is how the new noise barrier should look
Example photo: This is how the new noise barrier should look

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