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Summerparty 2017

Our summerparty was the highlight of our PKVarel sports Cup, in which many teams took part in various sports activities.


Before the party started at Beachclub Nethen on 1st September, the volleyball teams had to fight hard for the first place. The winner team "BT2" won in 3 sets. Spontaneousliy, the whole team took a refreshing bath in the lake after their win. In the football match, the "Trainee Team" already had a 0:4 half-time against the "Administration Team" and ultimately earned a 9:7 win. In the bowling competition, in which 12 teams participated, the "Pappnasen Team" was the winner of the tournament. After such exhausting activities everybody was invited to join the barbecue buffet at the beach. Thereafter the trophies for the champions were handed to the winning teams. Even if the party started with some rain drops, later on a beautiful sunset could be seen at the lakeside. With nice music and dancing, enriching discussions with colleagues and a cozy get-together, the party went on until late midnight.


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