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Red Cross Emergency Exercise at Varel Paper Mill

A German Red Cross task force practiced a MANV-exercise on the premises of Papier- und Kartonfabrik Varel on September 30th 2017. MANV means "Massenanfall von Verletzten" and could be translated as "Mass casualty exercise"

Participants were the civil protection units of the Red Cross from the district of Friesland as well as two local fire brigades and a hazardous material combat unit. For the exercise the area of the biogas plant was used on the PKV company premises as setting. A deflagration was simulated in an operating room, which subsequently caused the outbreak of fire. In addition, there were further emergency scenarios, such as a forklift, which damaged a pipe bridge, from which an unknown liquid spilled the surrounding area. Furthermore a visitor group was reported as missing.
The Red Cross erected a treatment center with several tents, medicated the patients on site and then transported them to a nearby hospital. This was a chance for the hospitals involved to test their emergency management.

Ulrich Lange, Technical Director of the Varel paper mill commented: "We have gladly agreed the Red Cross's request to carry out such an exercise at our mill. We had no influence on the scope and implementation of the mission, which was the sole responsibility of the rescue services operational management. For us it was an opportunity to test our own internal emergency procedures. We hope that residents and employees were not frightened by this large-scale exercise, but to achieve a realistic impression, the date could not be announced in advance".
There has never been any danger for residents and employees!

Red Cross Emergency Exercise
Red Cross Emergency Exercise

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