Truck of Albers forwarding with PKV trailer

Information for freight forwarders

Punctuality and performance are our principles for reliable logistics with respect to the delivery of raw materials and auxiliary items, and for the supply of new materials.

To ensure this, we have established conditions for a smooth supply chain for freight forwarders, drivers and suppliers. All processes are certified according to ISO 9001. Our freight orders and delivery documents are organised exclusively via the digital logistics process of Transporeon. Your drivers and yourself can access all information necessary under Logistics.

In addition to our environmentally friendly products, it is important to Papier- und Kartonfabrik Varel that only low-noise vehicles of pollutant category A (EURO V + VI) are sent to Varel. Thank you for your support.

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Contact Procurement Logistics Services
Mr. Helge Hinrichs
Phone: +49 (4451) 138-170

  • Statutory regulations
    The law to combat illegal employment in road haulage (GüKBillBG) compels us as shippers to take action against illegal employed drivers.

    Please make sure that:

    • we have been made available your authorisations required by § 3,6 GüKG regarding the latest version of permissions, Eurolizen, third country permit, ECMT permit.
    • your drivers carry with them all papers and permits necessary, which they can produce on request. This applies also to subcontractors from third countries.
  • Curb weight / capacity / loads of vehicles
    • The curb weight of the lorry may not exceed 15 t, capacity up to 40 t of permissible total weight (or 44 t in combined transport).
    • Additional cargo is not allowed without prior consultation.
  • Information obligation
    Please inform us immediately by email or phone if

    • the assigned loading time at PKV or the
    • delivery date/time at the customer cannot be complied with.
    • if transport damage has occurred in transit.
  • Cargo securing
    The following load securing materials must be on board at a minimum:

    • 18 tested lashing and long lever ratchetsLC 2,500 daN/ST
    • F=500 daN
    • 20 flawless and tested anti-slip mats (min 1,000 x 140 mm)
    • 36 approved edge protectors

    If the on-board load securing material is insufficient or flawed, we can provide additional/replacement material, subject to payment.

  • Papers / customs
    When carrying dutiable cargo, please inform your drivers to bring along the relevant papers before leaving the factory.
  • Certifications
    The efforts put forth by Papier- und Kartonfabrik Varel with respect to Green Logistics, aim to minimise emissions from transport. Most of the transport companies with whom we work are therefore certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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