Truck parking PKV, Gate 1

Information for drivers

Please use Gate 1 only. Here you will find the place of registration, access to the grounds, plenty of parking, the canteen and sanitary facilities. 

Lorry drivers have available an SB terminal for registration. The following documents are required:

  • Identity card
  • Vehicle licence plate
  • Lorry loading/unloading number
  • Container: Container number
  • Register directly with the gatekeeper for mixed deliveries

After registering, automatic loading/unloading times are assigned via Transporeon. Your individual time is available on the Transporeon app on your smartphone (requires installation of the app on your smartphone). Additionally, the times will be displayed on information boards on the parking lot.

Suppliers must directly register with the gatekeeper. To gain access to the grounds, please provide an identification card and the name of your contact at the paper and cardboard factory.

Navigation address Gate 1
for deliveries and loading 

Papier- und Kartonfabrik Varel
D-26316 Varel

Phone: +49 (4451) 138-200

Contact Logistics Finished Products
Mr. Ernst Krichel
Telefon: +49 (4451) 138-260

  • Loading
    Register when arriving at Gate 1:

    • Lorry: with loading or unloading number (or both) on the terminal
    • Container: with ID code and container number on the terminal
    • For mixed delivers, the gatekeeper will issue a ticket with barcode
    • Vehicle license plates will be called up via the display panels on the lorry parking lot
    • Drive onto the scale and scan the ticket
A routing slip showing the unloading location will be issued
    • Drive to the loading location and open the tarpaulin/cover (walking floor: let goods run off by themselves and return papers to the gatekeeper)
    • Make available load securing materials

    The loading area / container must be clean, dry, undamaged and flat; the tarp must be completely waterproof. This will be checked by a shipping employee. The lorry/container may be rejected if this is not heeded!

    Ticket scan at the SB terminal
    Ticket scan at the SB terminal

  • Cargo securing
    Always follow the instructions given by the shipping personnel. The loading zone within the loading area marked white must not be left unless there is an emergency; failure to do so may result in 

    The following load securing materials must be on board at a minimum:

    • 18 tested lashing and long lever ratchets LC 2,500 daN/ST F=500 daN
    • 20 flawless and tested anti-slip mats (min 1,000 x 140 mm)
    • 36 approved edge protectors

    If the on-board load securing material is insufficient or flawed, we can provide additional/replacement material, subject to payment.

    Examination and Load Securing
    Examination and Load Securing

  • Safety information

    Your safety and health are very important to us. Please observe the following codes of conduct on the entire premises:

    • All persons entering the premises must first register with their PKV contact.
    • The ID cards issued must be visible at all times, and they must be returned when leaving the premises.
    • Property of Papier- u. Kartonfabrik Varel may only be removed from the premises with written permission (Gate Pass).
    • In order to be allowed to carry out work, the additional codes of conduct in the PDF "Safety Instructions" must be observed.

    Download flyer: Safty guidelines and rules of conduct

    Security in all areas of the company
    Security in all areas of the company

  • Premises overview
    For better orientation on the site, we have prepared a map for you to download. Once on the premises, you will be guided to your destination via coloured dots. Additional orientation maps are available on the premises.

    Download Map


  • Cafeteria
    The cafeteria offers daily changing food items, fresh bread and beverages. Vending machines are available past regular opening times.

    Monday to Friday 06:30 am - 02:00 pm

    Monday to Friday 12:00 pm - 02:00 am
  • Toilets and washrooms / showers
    The toilets and washrooms with showers are located in the gatehouse, on the right-hand side of the cafeteria. They are open at all times. Drivers can get access to the free showers by depositing their vehicle keys.

    Gate 1 with toilets and washrooms
    Gate 1 with toilets and washrooms

  • Workshop
    Smaller vehicle repairs can be carried out at Albers Logistics.

    Albers Lastkraftwagen-Reparatur-Werkstatt
    Dangaster Str. 51
    D-26316 Varel
    Phone: +49 (04451) 91430


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