Water management

Ecologically and economically sound - water treatment

Water is an important raw material in the manufacture of paper and board, and this is covered by a large water well capturing system.

As a direct discharger of process water surpluses into the nearby Jadebusen, our process water treatment is exemplary, with highly minimised fresh water use and reuse of biologically cleaned water back in the production cycle.

Water treatment plant
Water treatment plant

  • Process water
    In order to reuse the water as often as possible, we employ a 3-step process in our process water treatment plant:

    • mechanical filtration
    • anaerobic stage with biogas production
    • anaerobic cleaning according to the activated sludge process

    The process water remains in the production process for up to 100 cycles. It is then introduced into the Jadebusen via a 7 km-long sewer pipe, in strict compliance with limits.

    In addition, our process water treatment plant generates a volume of around 9,0 million m³ of biogas annually, with which we cover part of our power consumption. Our elaborate water management system makes us a leader in the industry!



    Continuous water monitoring during treatment process
    Continuous water monitoring during treatment process

  • Fresh water
    The water for the production process is obtained from deep wells around Varel. Groundwater from a depth of 17 - 66 meters is hauled annually. The conveyed deep water is separated from the superficial groundwater by sedimentary rocks, which prevents the groundwater level being affected.
    Modern fresh water filters
    Modern fresh water filters

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