Green logistics

Thanks to our lorry dispatch based on Transporeon, we are able to keep waiting times to a minimum and avoid empty runs. This supports our efforts to minimise environmental pollution. We would like to ask all shippers and suppliers to dispatch to Varel only low-noise vehicles with pollutant category A (EURO V + V).

The JadeWeserPort is an opportunity for the region and Varel Papier- und Kartonfabrik. The new port shortens the pre-travel by about 50% compared to Bremerhaven. This not only saves time and costs, it also reduces the environmental impact.

We also strive for environmentally friendly logistics within PKVarel. Newly acquired forklifts are generally equipped with electric drives. The batteries of the electronic forklifts are supplied through our own power plant.


Waste paper bales
Waste paper bales

Fast and concentrated work can only be performed with a proper posture. For this reason, we have installed especially ergonomic seats in our forklifts.

More Paper
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