Fiber procurement

Through the use and processing of waste paper and to some extent pulp, the paper and board mill is part of a circle that sustainably protects the resources of our environment. In total, more than 875,000 tonnes of waste paper in more than 20 different qualities are used for production annually in Varel.

For the supply of fibre raw materials, we work with various disposal companies that deliver the collected material to Papier- u. Kartonfabrik Varel for further processing. We are always interested in meeting new suppliers. Please get in touch with us:

In accordance with list EN643 of the European standard varieties and the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI), we primarily use the following paper grades:

Waste paper bales on the conveyor belt for processing
Waste paper bales on the conveyor belt for processing

  • Group 1: Low qualities
    1.02.00 Mixed papers and boards (sorted)
    A mixture of various qualities of paper and board, containing a maximum of 40% of newspapers and magazines.

    1.03.00 Grey board
    Printed and unprinted white lined and unlined grey board or mixed board, free from corrugated material.

    1.04.00 Supermarket corrugated paper and board
    Used paper and board packaging, containing a minimum of 70% of corrugated board, the rest being solid board and wrapping papers.

    1.05.00 Old Corrugated Container (OCC)
    Used boxes and sheets of corrugated board of various qualities, which may contain up to 10% of other packaging papers, board and cardboard.
    Bundled corrugated board
    Bundled corrugated board

  • Group 2: Medium qualities
    2.03.01 Woody One Cuts (WOC)
    Lightly printed white shavings, mainly mechanical pulp-based paper, without glue.
    Light white shavings
    Light white shavings

  • Group 3: High qualities
    3.04.00 Tear white shavings
    White wood-free lightly printed shavings without glue, free from wet-strength paper and paper coloured in the mass.

    3.10.00 Multi printing
    Wood-free, coated, lightly printed, free from wet-strength paper or paper coloured in the mass.

    3.10.01 Multi-print with moderate print
    Wood-free, coated paper in sheet or bleed, with medium or strong print, free of wet-strength paper or solid-coloured paper.

    3.15.01 Illurotation
    Shavings and sheets of white and unprinted coated paper, pulp-based, white without glue.

    3.16.00 White coated paper, wood-free without glue
    Shavings and sheets of coated paper, wood-free, white, unprinted, without glue.

    3.18.01 White wood-free uncoated shavings
    Shavings and sheets of white unprinted woodfree paper, free from coated paper. Without glue.

    3.19.00 Bleached sulphate board, unprinted
    Unprinted sheets of bleached sulphate board, without glue and without plastic-coated or waxed materials.
    Wastepaper grade multi-print
    Wastepaper grade multi-print

  • Group 4: Kraft qualities
    4.01.00 New shavings of corrugated board (NCC)
    Shaving of corrugated board with liners of kraftliner or testliner.

    4.02.00 Used  corrugated kraft 1
    Used boxes of corrugated board, with kraftliner only, the fluting made from chemical or thermo-chemical  pulp.
    Cardboard shavings
    Cardboard shavings

  • Group primary fiber
    Unbleached pulp

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